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You know it’s unseasonable weather for a sleigh ride together

So I’ve been in Melbourne for the last week and a half, enjoying the weather growing warmer as Christmas approaches, and adjusting to a new time zone. I’ve gone from being up for only three hours in the morning before … Continue reading

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THE FATAL SHORE, Part 2: The First Fleet

As I head off to the ATA conference in Boston—which you’re invited to follow using the #ata52 hashtag on Twitter—Leonard Pierce returns to continue our series on Robert Hughes’ The Fatal Shore. —Andrew The more one reads about the settlement … Continue reading

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New day rising

Sorry for the long delay in posting. I had a long time coming off my vacation in Bermuda (which I’ll write about in a bit, in connection with Australia and their shared origins as naval bastions/indentured labor colonies for the … Continue reading

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THE FATAL SHORE, Part 1: The Vengeance of Property

Andrew’s on vacation this week, so today we turn the blog over to San Antonio’s Leonard Pierce to kick off our series on the founding of Australia and one of the modern classics published on the subject. Take it away, … Continue reading

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Robert Hughes and The Fatal Shore: Introduction

The world’s most widely read history of early Australia, Robert Hughes’ The Fatal Shore, turns a quarter-century old this year. When it was first published, Australia was in preparations for its 1988 Cook Bicentenary, and a number of historical retrospectives … Continue reading

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“The tyranny of distance didn’t stop the cavalier…”

Here we are, then. I’m Andrew Levine, a freelance translator of French texts into English, currently based in Brooklyn, New York. This has been my career since I got out of college four years ago, and I love (almost) every … Continue reading

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