Translation Services (Français/English)

Andrew Levine is a freelance French-to-English translator whose primary working fields are software, contracts, manufacturing, energy, patents, administration, electronics, telecommunications, and civil engineering. His end clients have included fully half (20) of the companies in the current CAC 40—France’s elite stock index—as well as multiple agencies of the Canadian federal government. His corpus of paid translation work includes over 4 million words, with repeat orders from more than 25 different language service providers (LSPs).

If you have French-to-English translation needs, large or small, feel free to e-mail him at andrew AT levinetranslator DOT com. Mention the discount code “acknof” in your e-mail for 5% off your first order.

More information, including résumé and satisfaction ratings, is available at Proz.

Version française à venir !

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